We respect everyone’s essence to get as close as possible to natural beauty which, at the end, is the real reflection of our personality. In our boutique, experience, technique and harmony make us achieve this goal, so that each client’s hair becomes part of their essence.

Human factors are the key element of our work. Luxury is made by people and our team is extremely talented and well-trained. On the other hand, the ingredients of our products are exquisitely selected to create the maximum impression with a total respect for the environment. In Enzo Hair Boutique we never stop searching for ways of taking care of the health and necessities of your hair.

This is the real luxury.


Trained in Florence, Berlin, New York and Milan, established in Madrid.

With his incredible attention to detail, Enzo developed his own method to cut and color hair. Now he leads his team of stylists, trained by himself, in his boutique in Serrano, Madrid. Additionally, he has created his own line of products inspired by his passion for perfection.